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Coconut Fiber - Cocofiber

Coconut Fiber Cocofiber

Price : Negotiable

Origin : Indonesia

Coconut is known to have privileges more than other plants. All of the parts of coconut can be used, one of these is the coconut fiber. Currently, the use of coconut fiber in the world is increasing significantly. 

Product Knowledge 

Coconut fiber has a standard pack before being marketed for more functionality. These products are made from fresh and high-quality raw materials. There are originated come from Indonesia. A coconut was mashed and then printed in such an efficient and easy reuse.

The Benefits of Coconut Fiber

Some benefits of coconut fiber such as be a raw material for the manufacture of organic fertilizers. Because it contains a comprehensive organic as Na, Ca, K, Mg, and P. And it also could be planting media. The other uses are being the raw materials for paper makers.  

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