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Palm Kernel Shell

Palm Kernel Shell

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Origin : Indonesia

Recognizing Palm Kernel Shell Applications

We know that palm oil is a commodity that has many benefits in various sectors of life. Palm oil is an oil producer that is widely used in households and small and large industries. Maybe not many people know that palm oil also has other benefits. The inner parts of oil palm such as palm kernel shell if processed optimally can provide benefits for life.

Palm oil shells are leftovers or waste in the palm oil processing industry, however, these shells have a calorie content equivalent to 4,500 kcal. This figure is an indication that this shell can still be processed into various environmentally friendly products where the waste can still be enjoyed and not immediately disposed of.

Some processed products that are already popular are environmentally friendly fuels, not only in a small scope such as households but even used as boiler fuel in the cement, garment, steel processing, and many more industries. The following are more explanations for shell core applications.

Charcoal Raw Material

This charcoal has high quality since palm kernel shell contain lignocellulosic substances and could weigh up to 1.4 grams/ml. The heat energy produced from burning charcoal is greater. It will be very noticeable when compared to charcoal made from wood or coconut shells. We can say that this is one of the friendly alternatives to heat energy power.

Boiler Fuel
Its function is to convert waste into steam which can drive a turbine engine. In addition, it also functions to operate all steam-based machines. One of the alternative fuels that can save oil supplies.

Road Paving Material
Some areas that manage oil palm plantations already use it. It is considered as more economical prices and levels of quality that are no less strong.

These are some of the benefits of the shells however, if you attract to using and apply them please consider the trusted PKS Palm Kernel Shell Suppliers Indonesia or Palm Kernel Expeller PT karuniatinggiindonesia.com from Indonesia.