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Palm Kernel Expeller

Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE) is a beneficial agricultural product because it is known as one of the raw materials for oil. Processing of oil palm seeds also produces residual processing such as PKE.

It is generally in the form of powder-like soil. Although it is known as residual or waste, it has high economic value and is used as animal feed in various countries.

No wonder there are many (PKE) Palm Kernel Expeller Indonesia that have successfully reached the international market.

Countries with excellent livestock potential such as Australia, Vietnamese, Thailand, South Korea, Netherlands, America, and countries in Europe have utilized this by-product from processing palm seeds.


– Crude Protein: 15.28 %

– Moisture and Volatile Matter: 6.11%

– Fat Content: 8.18%

– Crude Fibre : 18.27%

– Crude Ash: 7.78%

– Shell & Dirt: 9.14%

– Packaging Available in 50 Kgs PP Bags

MOQ: 200 TON / 20 Feet Container (Maximum 22 Ton)

Price: Negotiable

Origin: Indonesia

PKE Palm Kernel Expeller


Palm Kernel Meal Expeller

An oil derived from processed Palm Kernel Meal Expeller known as healthy oily. According to numerous, info crude palm oil and its derivatives can be processed into food supplies such as margarine, shortening, frying fat, coating fat, milk, filler until creamer, coffee whitener, and biscuits.
Most people assume a variety of foods estimated from palm oil is healthy. This is because of some of the qualities of palm oil, namely:

• The fine and soft – PKE oil in making jams applied easier, a chewy candy, and ice cream become soft.
• Free of trans fat – Naturally crude palm kernel expeller oil free of trans fat is dangerous as a major source of high cholesterol and related to heart disease.
• No sense and odorless – The chef can create a new texture without adding a new flavor using crude palm oil.

Some kinds of food made by mixing little palm oil are chocolate cake, truffle chocolate, chocolate jam, several kinds of biscuits, and also noodles. Bread and some variants of cakes.

Palm Kernel Meal


PKE Palm Kernel Expeller Price

The price of palm kernel generally is determined by a standard or price specifies purchases standard of PKE, or is often called PSPP. Mostly it is decided by the purchasing special price specifies team. Especially when selling the PKE on a large-scale capacity.

The PKE is usually sold at many kinds of prices. Whole set Palm Kernel Expeller Price, both large and small scale capacity. Price also depends on the type of palm. The palm that has great sure has a high value. And also on the contrary.

Based on the thickness of endocarps, palm oil is grouped into three varieties of the Dura, Pisifera, and Tenera, according to the color of its fruit, palm oil be grouped into three varieties of Nigrescens, Virescens, and Albescens. The superior type for commercial palm is Tenera. The price is expensive exactly. The price of sprouts a superior kind of seeds is sold more than two million per its seed.

Pke palm kernel expeller price


The Content and Benefits (PKE) Palm Kernel Expeller

We know that this product has higher nutritional value than other wastes with a crude protein content of protein more than 15.%. That is why it can be used as concentrate feed by adding other feed ingredients as well.

Good quality oil palm cake can be used in cow concentrate at about 30%. Here are several benefits of using this product:

• In a country with 4 seasons, this product contains extra total protein and fat, especially in summer.
• This product can help with gaining weight and increasing the fat test of the resulting milk.
• As well for winter, when the supply of dry feed or fresh grass is reduced, then at a low price, farmers will be able to survive until the next season.
• Requiring land that is very efficient, that sometimes you probably could use the same palm oils other for the same thing, but you will need more land, pesticides, and fertilizer to plant it.

Adequate procedures need to be in place to ensure palm kernel expeller (PKE) commodities can compete and be well received in countries around the world. One of the efforts made is to ensure this product is free from pests such as insects or fungi. If you want to get some, now it seems easy to get the best product by only clicking the trusted providers, and PT Karunia Tinggi Indonesia is Heaven For Importers a PKE Palm Kernel Expeller.