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White Copra Edible

White Copra Edible

Price : Negotiable

Origin : Indonesia

Copra is a meal made from coconut dried. Copra its kind so many turned out to be beneficial. Although all kinds of copra seemed the same, there are kinds better for consumption.

There are some types of white copra that you need to know, such as mixing copra, regular copra, and edible copra. How to choose the best copra we must know first how old the white copra is since it is processed, then come from the seeds of the good coconut, how does drying technique is processed, and also how the yield of this. 

But usually, a white copra using the smoke drying system has a smell good than a copra using the sun drying system. White copra has some benefits such as making margarine, shortening, and also cooking oil.