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What is Palm Kernel Shell Used for? Daily and Industry Applications

What is Palm Kernel Shell Used for


Palm oil has an important role in being able to replace coconut as a source of raw materials for the food and non-food industries in various countries. This plant flourishes in certain areas with suitable characteristics to support its growth.

It takes about four years for an oil palm tree to produce fruit suitable for harvesting. Each tree will then continue to produce fruit for up to 30 years, at the same time they will grow to about 12 meters tall. That is why palm oil is such an important and profitable commodity that besides producing the main product, it also has a variety of products with some benefits.

What is Palm Kernel Shell Used for

What is Palm Kernel Shell Used for? Check the Facts Below!

Palm shells are popular as the material for making charcoal. Charcoal has a market and usage in some sectors. Even if it comes from waste, it has high quality. Burning charcoal can produce more powerful heat energy. Palm shells usually are useful as boiler energy. How does it work? Converting waste into steam later can help turbine engines work well. Of course, it is cheap.

In addition, it is the potential for running steam-based devices. The resulting fire force also has a maximum level of tremendous heat power. This use is in line with concepts of environmentally friendly. It does not contain sulfur then it does not result from polluting gases. One of the biggest works of these shells is as an alternative fuel with the power of saving oil reserves in the future.

What is palm kernel shell used for farming sectors? Farmers can apply it as a mixture of animal feed such as ruminants. The production of palm kernel shells is plenty in many manufacturers. So, we need efforts to convert this waste into a source of energy, protein, or other nutrients. So, the waste of the long processing could have a better value rather than only being wasted and polluting the environment.