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What is Palm Kernel Expeller?

What is Palm Kernel Expeller?


Palm oil is one of the plantation commodities with an important role in the economy of several countries in the world and is also an export commodity as a foreign exchange earner besides oil and gas. Palm oil produces the main product, that is palm oil or Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and other derivative products. Since then, the derivation products that come from palm oil are also important such as palm kernel expeller. So, what is palm kernel expeller? How we can use it?

Not everyone knows the results of processing waste from processing palm oil seeds. Because the product that is popular and widely marketed is usually oil. It is a local feed ingredient, one of the by-products of palm oil processing plants, which has potential in terms of availability and can be used as a source of energy and protein for ruminants at relatively low prices.

What is Palm Kernel Expeller?

What is Palm Kernel Expeller? How it is Made?

Palm kernel cake contains a high protein in 14-16% and a large amount of energy from fat. The processing aims to increase digestibility, thereby increasing its benefits of it as a source of protein, especially for ruminants. Physical and chemical processing did not work a significant effect on the availability of this kernel expeller nutrients, while processing using microbes that produce enzymes in solid-state fermentation increased the protein value and nutrient availability.

Then, what is palm kernel expeller utilization? This palm kernel in ruminant feed is generally up to 30%. Many personnel or industries have a better effect on livestock productivity compared to feed without it.

Although it has many benefits, it runs obstacles in using it as animal feed. The quality varies depending on the oil content, oil palm shell contamination, low dry matter digestibility, protein, amino acids, and nutrient imbalances. For that, if you want to use this product, choose a manufacturer with a good reputation for producing good pke palm kernel expeller processed products such as PT Karunia Tinggi Indonesia.